Too many people fall victim to scams disguised as career opportunities promising to make thousands of dollars per week immediately with no background or experience. We’ve all heard of these opportunities, and thought to ourselves they sound too good to be true. That’s because they often are!

There are, however, tens of thousands of people working for their homes or small offices successfully year after year, earning great livings by using his or her own talents, skills, experience, working from home and doing what they want. These are the careers you’ll find at funcareers.com. Real careers, not career opportunities. Careers that empower people to be their own boss.

All of the imformation on this site is researched and vetted for accuracy so you can get the best information possible when deciding on what career you can pursue when working from home.

To find out our most popular careers have a look at our Top Ten Work At Home Jobs page or use the career categories to the right to drill down to the work at home job that is right for you.

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