Become a Household Manager

Household managers have very similar roles to an old fashioned butler. Patience, organizational skills and confidence are all necessary to the job, but so are friendliness and strong work ethics. Household managers do not work typical 9 to 5 hours. They may be needed to work into the wee hours. They may also work for more than one wealthy family, so good time management skills are essential.

Benefits to the Job
The average yearly salary for a household manager ranges from $35,000 to $80,000 per year. While the lower end of this scale may seem trivial, the perks that come with the job more than make up for it. Many household managers live in their employers home eliminating the need for rent or mortgage payments for those willing to give up owning their own home. You often have access to the employer’s car as well, eliminating that expense.

Running a household management company from your own home is possible. You simply travel to and from the employer’s household as needed. Those who work from their homes often handle more than one household at the same time, splitting hours between the households they manage.

Job Duties of a Household Manager

Household managers are there to ensure that the daily operations in a wealthy family’s home go smoothly. To become a household manager, financial training is often needed. The household manager helps budget expenses and spending money. They are often hired to purchase the big-ticket items a family needs like appliances, vacations and entertainment items.

While a college degree is not always a requirement, employers do look for household managers who have completed training courses. You can find these courses online.

When a party is upcoming, a household manager helps arrange the catering, entertainment and ensures things are flowing smoothly from start to finish. In essence, the household manager is never meant to be seen at these functions, but must be available should a problem arise.

If a problem occurs within the home the household manager is responsible for, it is his or her job to hire all repairmen or the likes and oversee. Problems of this nature are never to be left to the homeowner.

Household managers also manage the staff within a household like the kitchen staff, nannies, maids and others. A homeowner has little time to handle these duties personally, so they trust in their household manager to take care of the daily operations on a daily basis.

Household managers often do the shopping for their employers. They may be asked to go purchase gifts for special occasions or purchase the items for an upcoming party. Household managers must know their employer’s tastes without hesitating.

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