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Become a Search Engine Marketer

Search engine marketing, or SEM, involves using ad placement in major search engines like Google and Yahoo to boost sales traffic. According to a United States report, companies spent more than $9 billion in search engine marketing in 2006. This number steadily increases. Meanwhile, the largest search engine marketing firms-Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo…

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Become a Blogger

Blogs, or Web Logs, have become an internet phenomenon over the past few years. These online diaries help internet users share their thoughts or expertise in many subjects from finding work to unedited opinions of the news. Statistics show that there are approximately fifteen million blogs online and around 40% of the United States population…

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Start a Greeting Card Business

If you are looking for a home business idea, why not consider a very marketable industry-a greetings card business. Handmade cards are all the rage in today’s market, especially if you focus your attention on high demand niches like cards made from recycled paper, cards that are printed to order, or cards that contain local…

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Become an Alternative Energy Installer

As oil and gas prices surge and more people turn towards green energy sources, the alternative energy installer will see continued growth in their business. As a home business, being an alternative energy installer is ideal, since most of the work will be at homes and businesses in the surrounding areas. As you grow, you…

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Become a Security Specialist

Following the events of September 11th, the demand for professional security forces became urgent. Security Specialists involve men and women who are trained security experts. They might work for the government, private firms, or large businesses providing protection and other services typical of a security department.

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