Start An Inventory Taping Business

Fire. Flood. Robbery. Hurricane. All of these are classic reasons why it is critical to keep a videotaped inventory of your personal items on hand. Payments from your insurance company will arrive much more quickly if there are detailed records proving that the items you are claiming as losses really did exist. The problem is…

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Start a Packing Business

Anytime a person moves or goes to put their treasured items in storage, they must rely on their own skill to pack things not only well but also with a lot of thought. To prevent damage, items must be packed in a manner that ensures items are well cushioned, away from the sides of the…

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Become A Daily Money Manager

Right now, daily money mangers are in quite in demand and the job growth continues to strengthen. What is a daily money manager? It is a man or woman who takes over the day-to-day financial planning for today’s wealthy, elderly, and busy adults. A daily money manager’s main responsibilities include handling bill payments, balancing the…

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Become An Aromatherapist

Until recently, the effect of odor on our health and well-being has been greatly overlooked in the United States. Research has shown that fragrances, not including perfumes, air fresheners, or noxious odors, can have a significant effect on our homes, workplaces, and overall health and well-being. These odors affect our alertness, performance, stress levels, heart…

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Become an Alternative Energy Installer

As oil and gas prices surge and more people turn towards green energy sources, the alternative energy installer will see continued growth in their business. As a home business, being an alternative energy installer is ideal, since most of the work will be at homes and businesses in the surrounding areas. As you grow, you…

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