Portable Fun Careers

Start An Inventory Taping Business

Fire. Flood. Robbery. Hurricane. All of these are classic reasons why it is critical to keep a videotaped inventory of your personal items on hand. Payments from your insurance company will arrive much more quickly if there are detailed records proving that the items you are claiming as losses really did exist. The problem is…

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Become a Link Developer

Link developing is a perfect at home business. All you need is the skill to research companies with matching themes, products or services and a high-speed Internet connection. What is link development? In order for any Web site to achieve a higher search engine ranking, there are a number of ideals that must be met.…

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Become a Pay Per Click Manager

Google and to a lesser degree Yahoo and Microsoft run the largest pay per click programs in the world. There is certainly money to be made, but a Web site must be optimized with content that truly matters to the reader for a pay per click campaign to work. The more traffic you have coming…

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Start a Windshield Repair Business

Nearly everyone in the country has a car – some even have two, three, or more to their name. And, with every car out there, there is also a windshield. Through the day-to-day routine of driving, these windshields are routinely damaged. A rock gets kicked up by the car in front of you, a bird…

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Start a Baby Shoe Bronzing Business

The birth a baby is one of the most cherished times in any person’s life. The problem is that babies grow in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, your baby is crawling and then walking, and you only have pictures to help you remember just how tiny your baby was once upon…

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