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Start A Deck Installation Business

One of the easiest ways for people to add value to their home is by adding a deck to their house. In warmer weather, barbecues, reunions, and other social events can be held outdoors in your yard keeping party clutter and people from messing your home. On muggy evenings, you can enjoy your outdoor space…

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Start A Home Staging Business

D.O.C. – it’s an easy principle but many homeowners do not have a clue when it comes to preparing their home for sale. Declutter, Organize, and Clean (DOC) is the best way to give a home the organized, sleek appearance that helps it sell. In some areas, home staging is a hot trend that has…

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Start a Packing Business

Anytime a person moves or goes to put their treasured items in storage, they must rely on their own skill to pack things not only well but also with a lot of thought. To prevent damage, items must be packed in a manner that ensures items are well cushioned, away from the sides of the…

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Start a Coin Dealer Business

Throughout the United States, coin dealers make thousands of dollars per year selling rare coins to collectors. In order to get started on an exciting career in coin dealership, the first thing you must do is research the value and rarity of coins at the time you are begin your career. One day a coin…

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Start A Fence Business

Homeowners have many reasons to want to install a fence. They may be looking to contain their pet within their yard, keep deer away from their flower gardens, or keep their children safe from stray animals and the potential of a child predator. Fences are used on sports fields to keep balls contained to a…

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