Become an Event Planner

Are you the sort of person people turn to do when stuff “needs to get done”? Are you good at organizing and managing people? Well, that’s an event planners job. Anytime a group of people get together, there exists a need for someone to be responsible to oversee all the details. The event planner is…

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Become a Scopist

A scopist is a person who reviews, edits, and proofreads court transcripts. Court reporters are the main employers of scopists, though their services may be contracted by others as well. When employed by a court reporter, the reporter sends the scopist a uncleaned copy of the trial proceeding either by disk, email file, or through…

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Start an Answering Service

If you like talking on the phone and you have a friendly, cheerful voice, you may want to think about starting a home based answering service . An answering service can bring in two or three hundred extra dollars a week, and it’s an easy home business to start. Don’t you hate calling into a…

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Start a Resume Writing Service

Given the current number of people seeking jobs have you considered setting up a resume writing service, but you’re not sure what it all involves and how to get started? When you’re first dreaming about starting your very own home-based business, it can seem very overwhelming in the beginning, especially if you weren’t born as…

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Secretarial And Office Support Services

As the small business industry grows, so does the need for qualified secretarial service professionals. Many of these businesses are run by successful individuals who are not interested in retaining full-time secretarial staff – perhaps because they do not have enough work to employ someone 40 hours a week – but nevertheless need clerical or…

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