Become A Mediator

When people have conflicts and disputes, they are turning more and more to professional mediators or arbitrators as a way of settling them amicably . This helps keep the court dockets clear for more serious matters, and also saves both parties money in terms of legal fees. Cost is only one reason why people use…

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Become a Marketing Consultant

Are you looking to get started in a lucrative home based business which will utilize your creativity, instincts, and assertive nature? A Marketing Consultant business might be just right for you. Marketing helps bring your client’s products into the awareness of potential customers, and then to get those products sold. It combines advertising, merchandising, selling,…

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Become a Management Consultant

Management consultants (also called business consultants) can earn between $60,000 and $200,000 per year or more. These professionals are called in by companies seeking a neutral outside expert who can audit and assess their policies, practices and procedures and give guidance as to how the company’s performance and profits might be improved. Most large consulting…

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Become a Business Consultant

Many companies call upon the expertise of a business consultant for various reasons, some of which are directly related to the business and others related to the employees as well. Some of the reasons a company may request the services of a business consultant include: Set company standards Help with employee issues Help with strategies…

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Become a Security Specialist

Following the events of September 11th, the demand for professional security forces became urgent. Security Specialists involve men and women who are trained security experts. They might work for the government, private firms, or large businesses providing protection and other services typical of a security department.

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