Personal Services

Become a Household Manager

Household managers have very similar roles to an old fashioned butler. Patience, organizational skills and confidence are all necessary to the job, but so are friendliness and strong work ethics. Household managers do not work typical 9 to 5 hours. They may be needed to work into the wee hours. They may also work for…

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Start An Inventory Taping Business

Fire. Flood. Robbery. Hurricane. All of these are classic reasons why it is critical to keep a videotaped inventory of your personal items on hand. Payments from your insurance company will arrive much more quickly if there are detailed records proving that the items you are claiming as losses really did exist. The problem is…

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Start A Home Staging Business

D.O.C. – it’s an easy principle but many homeowners do not have a clue when it comes to preparing their home for sale. Declutter, Organize, and Clean (DOC) is the best way to give a home the organized, sleek appearance that helps it sell. In some areas, home staging is a hot trend that has…

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Start a Packing Business

Anytime a person moves or goes to put their treasured items in storage, they must rely on their own skill to pack things not only well but also with a lot of thought. To prevent damage, items must be packed in a manner that ensures items are well cushioned, away from the sides of the…

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Start A Picture Framing Business

If you’ve ever looked at your area framing supply stores, you’ll see that having a picture professionally framed is quite costly. The cost of the mat, frame itself, and then the process to make sure everything is centered correctly can turn what you feel is a simple framing project into something that costs hundreds of…

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