Start A Crafts Business

CODA (Craft Organization Directors Association) did a survey of crafters in 2001. Both men and women were employed in the crafts industry, but two-thirds of all employees were women and almost 10-percent were veterans looking to supplement their pension or retirement income. Close to 70 percent of all craftspeople were self-employed. Craft sales for supplies…

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Become a Fund Raiser

Organizations such as schools, research institutions, educational institutions, museums, orchestras, theaters, churches and other religious organizations, non-profit organizations, and political candidates are among the many organizations and special interest groups that need to raise money for various reasons. However, the people who are willing to donate funds to these organizations are dwindling.

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Start a Vending Business

You can start a Vending Business for usually less than $75, and you can be earning cash in coins and notes, from the very first day. Whether you want a little additional income, part-time income, or full-time business income – take a good look at vending machines. Once they’re in place, there’s actually very little…

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Start a Car Wash Business

A car wash business can take a variety of forms. Everyone is familiar with the standard coin-operated car wash business. The type of coin-operated car wash that is brought to most people’s minds is the exterior-conveyor wash. With this type of car wash, the car is placed on a motorized track and dragged through a…

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Become a eCommerce Web Merchant

With the introduction of the Internet, and all of the advancements that have occurred since its beginning, it’s little wonder that people are looking to the web as a means to make money. Mothers, in particular, are finding the information superhighway to be a great way to stay at home with the kids while making…

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