Getting Started as a Personal Concierge

The word concierge denotes two meanings, says One, from hotel terminology, is a staff member who assists guests or residents, as by handling the storage of luggage, taking and delivering messages, and making reservations for tours. The other, derived from French culture, is a person who lives in an apartment house, attends the entrance, and serves as a janitor.

While there is no formal definition of the word yet in the dictionaries for personal concierge, on the contrary, this profession is a booming business. The boom is brought about by a fast-paced lifestyle which leaves hardly any room for busy professionals nowadays to sort out their bills, schedule their activities (both personal and business), or book their vacations.

A personal concierge is being recognized as a legitimate profession. Laura Tiffany, in an article entitled “How to be a Personal Concierge”, which appears at, discloses that the number of personal concierges is growing fast. She adds: “Although it’s no secret that the personal concierge field is booming, hard numbers are difficult to come by.

The National Concierge Association, a Chicago-based group that was founded in the late 1990s as a networking and resource organization for both personal and hotel concierges, doesn’t yet track numbers or statistics pertaining to the industry. Cynthia A., a former hotel concierge who runs her own personal concierge business in San Diego, estimates there are a few hundred personal concierges throughout the United States.”

How to get started as a personal concierge?

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